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to the web site with a Christ-centered difference! This web site is a replacement and a continuation of our Seeking Christ Newsletter, which strives to call independent Baptist preachers, evangelists, missionaries, teachers, and Christians back to a Christ-centered ministry of preaching, teaching, and living.  Therefore, on this site,  you will find God's plan of salvation, Baptist teachings, Bible studies, Bible lessons, Baptist history, Gospel Tracts, sermons, Sunday School lessons, writings on various subjects, Baptist preaching, Baptist Humor, many aspects of our Lord Jesus Christ, and much more. 
"And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, [the Lord Jesus Christ] expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself."
Luke 24:27
It is our desire that more men and women have a heart-felt desire to fulfill the plea of heathen and Christian alike, crying out to their leaders:
"Sir, we would see Jesus."
It is our firm conviction (of which we have many) that it is the personal, God-given authority of the independent Baptist movement to show others the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that the independent Baptist movement follows in the historic footprints of those who have trampled firm (with faithfulness) and watered well (with their blood) the footpath that leads from where we are today, back to the Lord Jesus Christ and His first church at Jerusalem. We make no apology for this belief, but if you are not an independent Baptist you are just as welcome as you can be.
You will find a great variety of items on this web site, but mostly you will find Christ!



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Attention independent Baptist missionaries

If you are an independent Baptist missionary serving on a foreign field, the Faithful Witness Tract Society will supply you with free gospel tracts, postage paid.   contact them at


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