Text: 1 Pet. 5:8-11

Title: "The Lion Roars, but the Lord Rules"

Subj: Satan, as a roaring lion

Intro: Young people, at the beginning of this new year it is time to take inventory of the spiritual battles that you lost in 96, and determine not to allow the adversary to gain the victory in 97! There is an old song, probably from the 60's, titled "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." The lyrics went, "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight." It was a popular song, but it was environmentally incorrect. The lion is not a beast of the jungle, but of the African plain. And he does not normally sleep at night, but rather hunts, choosing to sleep during the heat of the day. Yet there is another lion who never sleeps, but hunts both day and night.

This lion rarely attacks openly, but hunts his prey relentlessly by every avenue that appeals to the human flesh. Like the African lion, he stalks his prey endlessly, but where the African lion goes in for the kill, this lion destroys you step by step. He is clever, and he is patient, willing to wait while you are worn down and at your weakest. And this lion is out to get you!

You can hear his roar in videos, movies, music, television, computer games, the internet, sports, fashions, materialism, and peer pressure. You can feel his presence in your ever changing emotions as you move from love to hate and everything inbetween. You can sense him in the circumstances of life, and in your relationships with others. And like the African lion, his presence is rarely known until it is to late to escape without injury. Each one of us is under attack, and even now, his stealthy eyes are seeking whom he may devour in this very room! All of you will face this lion! Some of you will face this lion in the power Christ and come away with only scratches. Some of you will face this lion and be severely mauled. And others of you will be as a young zebra; dropped in your tracks and completely devoured. So how can you survive your journey through lion country?

1 Pet. 5:8-11 — "The Lion Roars, But God Rules" — prayer


A. Be "Sober" = to be of sound mind; well balanced, self-controlled (v8a)

1. The only "sound mind" is one that thinks like Christ

"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus": Philip. 2:5

a. Your mind controls your life! What you think is what you are!

1) Thoughts (you are response-able), acts, habits, character

2. Not balanced between the world and the Lord, but smack in the middle of God's standards, carrying nothing to excess, nor excusing anything as unimportant.

3. Not self-controlled by any outside power, nor by your own power, but by your yieldedness to the Holy Spirit's power.

"And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit" Ephes. 5:18

B. Be Vigilant = watchful, wide awake (v8b)

1. Same root as sober. Frst be sober, then be vigilant! Be of a sound mind, then keep wide awake!

C. Be Aware

1. Be aware of your adversary

a. "Adversary" = an enemy or accuser, in a lawsuit

b. You have three enemies

1) Your sin nature

2) The world

3) "The Devil" = Diabolus, the chief of the demons; enemy of man because he is the disturber of their connection with God. He tries to "separate" you from your God

a) First he tempts you to sin

b) Then he accuses you before God

"My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous" 1 John 2:1

2. Be aware of his methods (roaring lion)

a. Roaring (he makes a big stink about everything!)

Note: One of the tricks of the African lion is its powerful roaring; but instead of raising its head, it lowers it head and roars at the ground. This causes the ground to vibrate, sending the roar out 360 degrees, which noise frightens and confuses the prey as to its source. The devil operates like a roaring lion, causing fear and confusion in our service for God. If you are fearful about the circumstances of life, or confused over matters of right and wrong, that is the devil's roar that is bringing it.

b. Constant motion

1) Walketh about (continuous; he never rests)

"And the Lord said unto Satan, whence comest thou? then Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it" Job 1:7

a) You need constant, continueous service for God

c. Constant seeking (continuous; he never lets up) for the purpose of "devouring" = to drink as water

1) You need constant watchfulness.

D. Be Stedfast in the Faith (v9a)

1. "Resist" = (active command) to set one's self in opposition to, as if for battle

2. "Steadfast" = stiff, hard, firm, immovable

Note: I saw a documentary where a pride of lions attacked a baby elephant. They were able to stop the elephant, but he didn't quit! They were able to bit the elephant, but his skin was too thick to penitrate! He got away! Resist stedfast!

3. "In the faith" = a firm relying confidence in what we hear from God in His Word. That which we trust in, which is the Word of Another.

a. IN the faith (are you saved?)

b. IN the faith (are you convinced?)

c. IN the faith (are you grounded?)

E. Be Knowledgable (v9b) (& encouraged!)

1. You are walking a well worn path!

"There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man..." 1 Cor. 10:13

a. "Afflictions" = sufferings

b. "Accomplished" = to finish, perfect (mature). This happens to every Christian ("brethren"), and only while in the world

F. Be Patient in Suffering (v10b)

1. Learn to transform suffering to the glory of God!

Note: What comes to you is filtered through the hand of your heavenly Father. What would be our circumstances if not filtered by the love of God?


A. God of all Grace

1. "But" = in contrast to the Devil's wiles, and your efforts...

a. There is a God! (despite all else that happens)

b. Of all grace = unmerited favor (God wonderfully disposed toward you)

B. God Who Called You

1. "Called" = to invite, summon

a. Us! (not to suffer, which we may do, but...)

2. Unto His eternal glory (that which makes Him known)

3. By Christ Jesus (the instrument of our salvation)

C. God Who Will Make You

1. "Make" = a wish. God's wants to complete His work in you

a. "Perfect" = to make fully ready, perfectly equiped, prepare fully

b. "Stablished" = to set fast, fix firmly

c. "Strengthened" = give bodily health and strength

d. "Settled" = to lay a foundation, to ground


A. God's Glory (to be made known in and by you)

B. God's Dominion (sovereignty, rule)

1. Over you

2. Over the Devil

3. Over all

a. Forever! (We are all heading for forever!)

Concl: The lion is loose! It is not a question of whether you will face him in mortal, spiritual combat in 1997, but how you will fare! And you will be victorious in direct proportion to your determination to resist in Christ. Be well-balanced, be aware of your adversary (where he dwells, how he tempts), be steadfast in the faith, take heart & be encouraged, and be patient in suffering. This you do through Christ, by the grace of God, by the power of the Spirit, for the glory of God. Determine to resist—steadfast!

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