Text:  Acts 9:10-20
Title:  “Christ’s Great Personal Commission”

Subj: Christ’s personal requirements of His own.

Intro:  The Bible says, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel”
The purpose of the church is to represent Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world, therefore Grace Baptist church is commanded to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel.”  Though this is not all the church is to do, as Ford Motor Co. used to say, “It is job one.”  Every other ministry of the church depends on this outreach to others.  The church’s spiritual health and your spiritual life depend on seeing your neighbors invited, saved and brought into the fellowship of this church.  That is why you and this church are commanded and commissioned to, as the Bible says, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel”

You may be surprised to hear that there are at least 6 commissions in the Bible commanding men or churches to spread the Gospel. 
The first is found in Matt. 10:5-7, and was given to the 12 apostles that Jesus had just appointed from His disciples.  This commission was directed toward the “lost sheep of the house of Israel.”  The apostles were to go, preach, saying, “The kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”
The second commission in Luke 10:1-9 is like the one found in Matt., except 70 disciples were sent to say “The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.”
The third commission is the one we are the most familiar with in Matt. 28:16-20.  This commission is called the great commission, and was given to the 11 disciples in their assembled capacity as the first church.  This commission calls the church to make disciples (salvation), baptize (membership) those new disciples, then teach (disciple) those new disciples, and do it in all nations.  Because this was given to a church instead of individual men, this commission is just as binding on our church, as it was on First Baptist of Jerusalem.  This commission is also repeated in Mark 16:15-18.
The fourth commission was also given to the assembled church, which had now grown to 120 members, and is found in Acts. 1:8.  This commission calls the church to be a witness where they were, beyond where they were and out to the far ends of the world. This commission is also binding on Independent Baptist churches.
The fifth commission I am calling a personal commission.  It is found in Acts 9:15, and is directed at Paul at the time of his conversion to Christ.  This is a commission to nations and royalty. 
The sixth and last commission is a cooperative effort between the Holy Spirit and the church, as the bride of Christ.  It is a call to individuals who are thirsty to “come” to the Water of Life (Rev. 22:17)
The Bible says, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel”

Today I would like us to consider the fifth of these commissions.

Text: Acts 9:10-20 – Christ’s Great Personal Commission” – prayer

Story/Context:  Paul, a Jew and the persecutor of the church of Jesus Christ, has received letters from the religious authorities to go to Damascus and drag Christians back to Jerusalem.  As he journeys, the Lord speaks to him on the Damascus road, causing Paul to be blind, and to be led into the city by others.  For 3 days Paul is blind, and neither eats or drinks.  Then Ananias is sent to him by Christ.

I. The Lord’s Certain Disciple (v10)
A. He was a disciple the Lord could depend on
         1. He was physically where the Lord could use him (Damascus)
         2. He was spiritually where the Lord could use him (vision)
         3. He was available for the Lord to use him (“I am here, Lord”)
Are you a "certain" disciple?

II. The Lord’s Certain Call (v11-12)
      A. From the Lord (Jesus Christ)
           1. Directed to him (“said to him”)
           2. Directions for him (no one else was told to do this)
               a. Go “Straight!”
                   1) To the street, to the house, to Judas, to Saul/Paul
           3. Directions on how to recognize him
                a. He is praying,
           4. Details of the results
               a. He had a vision of your coming, and putting your hand on him
               b. To receive his sight
Have you heard God's call?

III. The Disciple’s Certain Concern (v13-14)
A. Not about the Lord
B. Not about the person of Saul
C. But about the activities of Saul
             1. What Ananias had heard from many
                  a. The evil Saul did to God’s saints at Jerusalem (God’s will)
                  b. The authority Saul has in Damascus
                       1) To bind those that call on Jesus’ Name
Are you concerned about others?

IV. Christ’s Personal Commission (v15-16)
A. From Christ
     1. Ananias’ commission
         a. Go THY way for Paul’s work depends on your work (Jn. 21:20-22)
      2. Paul’s position (a chosen vessel unto God)
      3. Paul’s commission (& your commission)
          a. To bear Christ’s Name
              1) Before the Gentiles
              2) Before the Kings
              3) Before the children of Israel
       4. Paul’s future
           a. Seeing circumstances from Christ’s viewpoint
           b. Suffering great things (& lesser things) for Christ’s Name’s sake
(The summation of the life of a Christian: chosen by God; testifying of Christ; suffering because of Christ’s name!)
Do you feel personally responsible?

V. The Compliance/Obedience toward the Lord (v17-19)
     A. And Ananias went! (v17)
          1. HIS way
              a. To the house; to the persecutor of Christians named Saul; to put his hands on Saul
      B. Ananias spoke
           1. Brother Saul (a new relationship), I am sent
               a. By the Lord Jesus that appeared to you
               b. That you might receive your sight (spiritual & physical)
               c. That you might be filled with the Holy Spirit
       C. God healed! (v18)
            1. The scales on Saul’s eyes
            2. The direction Saul was headed
            3. The identification Saul coveted
                a. Was the synagogue, now the church
            4. Saul’s hunger (v19) (From physical to spiritual)
            5. Saul’s weakness (strengthened)
            6. Saul’s associations (disciples at Damascus)
Are you obedient toward the Lord?

VI. The Lord’s Conclusion (v20)
A. Straightway Saul preached
     1. Christ (Messiah)
     2. In the synagogues (Jews expecting a Messiah)
     3. That Jesus is the Son of (“same as”) God

Concl:  The Great Commission is the great work of the church, but the personal commission is the privilege of the believer.  But here are God’s questions: 1) Are you a disciple that God can be sure of?  2) Do you feel the “call” of God on your life?    3) Are you concerned about the activities of fellow believers, for good or bad?  4) Do you recognize Christ’s personal commission on your life?  5) Are you being obedient to that commission?  6) Are you seeing results from your Christian life, in your own life and in the lives of others?  The hour is late, the time is now to fully commit your life to Jesus Christ, and watch what wondrous things He will do through you!

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