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Topical "Baptist Church History" A short lesson on Baptist church history
Topical "Being a Man in Christ's Church" Christ's requirements for the men of His churches
Topical "Lot vs. Abraham" The fatal choices of Lot.  The correct choices of Abraham.
Topical "The Destiny of the Dead" What the Bible teaches about the destiny of the dead, both Old and New Testaments.
Topical "Being In Christ, by T.D. Bernard The privilege of being in Christ
Genesis 1-4 "Genealogy of a Father and a Son" To show the consequences of the relationship between fathers and sons down thru the Bible
I Corinthians 12:12-31 "Living in the Body" The importance of each member to the body (church)
Seasonal Studies/Lessons    


Luke 1:46-55 "The Praise of Mary" Mary's praise of God in the outpouring of her soul.
Luke 2:25-35 "Simeon's Vision of Jesus" Nine different aspects of Christ as revealed to Simeon. 
Galatians 4:4 "The Time of Christ's Birth" Christ came in the fullness of time.
Topical "The 'Address' of the Messiah" How to identify Jesus as Messiah to the exclusion of all others.
Topical "The Contrasts of Christ's Birth" The contrasts that attended the birth of Jesus Christ
Topical "The Designations of Christ at His Birth" 28 designations or names of Christ at His birth.
Topical "The Miracles of Christ's Birth" The situational miracles that accompanied Christ's birth

"The Pre-incarnate Names of the Christ"

Names of Christ before He was born.
Topical "Christ's Birth--The Simple Things" The everyday events of life led to God's circumstances for the birth of Jesus
Topical "The Promise of Christ's First Coming" In preexistence, prophecy and Gospels.
Topical "The "3"s of Christ's Birth" 3, the number of deity and how it reveals God's presence in the birth of Jesus.

Passover (Easter)

Topical "The Post-resurrection appearances of Jesus Christ" Every post-resurrection appearance of Christ and what we can learn of Him.

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