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These various studies and subjects are placed here for your use.  Freely God gave them to me, freely I give them to you.  You can print them and rework them to suit your needs, but please remain true to the Word of God.   If you do not want to acknowledge my work, then be sure to give glory to God for His work.

Studies on the Lord Jesus Christ    
Topical In Christ A great article concerning being "In Christ," plus all the N.T. verses

Devotional Commentaries



2 Samuel 22

Expository Devotional

Verse by verse devotional

Psalms 25:1-22

Expository Devotional

Verse by verse devotional

Psalms 121: 1-8

Expository Devotional

Verse by verse devotional

2 Timothy 2:1-14

Expository Devotional

Verse by verse devotional

Outlines of Books of the Bible    
Genesis Outline Outline by events
Exodus Outline Outline by events
The Song of Solomon Outline and Interpretation Verse by verse outline and interpretation of Jesus Christ in the Song of Solomon

Practical Helps



 Curtis Hutson

Deciding Questionable Things For Believers


Charles Spurgeon Church Growth Spurgeon Style: Preaching Without Notes Preaching with or without notes.
Family Devotions 100 Bible Stories and Where to Find Them Bible stories for children.
Studies on the Doctrine of the Church    
Topical Christ and His Church  
Topical When Did the Church Begin? Arguments for the church beginning on Pentecost or in Matthew 16
Topical It is a Question of Authority! Study of who has the authority to represent Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world
Topical Christ and His Shepherds Study of the terms applied to Christ's shepherds and the churches where they ministered
Studies on the Family & Marriage    
Topical Husband, Love Your Wife How a husband is to love his wife
Genesis 1-4 The Genealogy of a Father & Son To show the consequences of the relationship between fathers and sons down thru the Bible

Studies on Separation




Baptist Church Separation

Study of the concept of Baptist Church Separation

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