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Analytical Holy Bible, Pulpit Size, 1906, HB, Embossed Leather, Gold Lettering

Self-Pronouncing, Self-Interpreting, Self-Explanatory
Egyptian Publ. Co., Carbondale, Ill., 1904-1906

Hardbound, 1445 + pages.  Brown embossed leather over boards
8 1/2 x 11 x 2 3/4in
Old Testament does not have an introduction page.  New Testament introduction page:  “Translated out of the Original Greek, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised”; “Appointed to be read in churches.”
Exhaustive system of references; [center] references printed in full; a condensed commentary; introduction to each book; introduction to each chapter; all Messianic prophecies printed in italics; words of Christ printed in italics; chronological period of each chapter; biographical sketch of leading characters; proper names diacritically marked; subject, topical and word index; chart of the life of Christ.
Condition:  Very good.  Scuffing to cover edges, rubbing to spine.  Gold lettering very good to excellent.  Inside unmarked and clean.   100 years old and going strong!
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