Contrast #1


Contrast #2






Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph (Christ?)

Matt. 1:20

While Jesus was conceived in Mary’s womb

Matt. 1:20

Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph (Christ?)

Matt. 1:20

While Jesus was conceived in Mary’s womb

Matt. 1:20





Supernatural conception

Lk. 1:35

Natural birth

Lk. 2:6

Divine complexity

Matt. 1:20-23

Human simplicity

Lk. 2:11-12

Birth prophesied in O.T.


Birth revealed in N.T.

Matt. & Lk.

No baby’s birth troubled anyone


Jesus’ birth troubled all Jerusalem

Matt. 2:3

Jesus was born in Israel

Matt. 2:5

Jesus had to flee to Egypt

Matt. 2:14





Wisemen led by a phys. star

Matt. 2:7

Wisemen found the spiritual “star”

Rev. 22:16

Gentiles called Him “King of the Jews”

Matt. 2:2

Jews called Him “Nazarene” (despised)

Matt. 2;23





God directed the conception

Lk. 1:35

Man had not part in the conception

Matt. 1:25

With man—impossible


With God—nothing impossible

Lk. 1:37





Christ was the firstborn of every man

Col. 1:15

Christ was the firstborn of Mary

Matt. 1:25

Son of David

2 Sam. 7:16

“Son” of Joseph

Matt. 1:18





Christ was God

Matt. 1:23

Christ came as a man

Matt. 1:23

Christ was the Son of God

Matt. 1:23

Jesus was the son of man

Matt. 1:23

Christ dwelt on the throne of glory

Ps. 45:6

Jesus was born in a manger

Lk. 2:12

Christ had the riches of heaven

2 Cor. 8:9

Had poverty on earth

Lk. 2:7

Lived in Heavenlies


Born in Bethlehem

Lk. 2:4

Call His name Emmanuel

Matt. 1:23

Never called Him Emmanuel directly


Christ is the Lord (Master)

Lk. 2:11

Jesus is the Saviour (Deliverer)

Lk. 2:11





Joseph desired to put her away

Matt. 1:19

Joseph did as the angel bid him

Matt. 1:24





A heathen king was used by God

Lk 2:1

Christ came as spiritual King

Lk. 17:21

Christ came as the King

Matt. 2:2

Christ lived as the Servant

Phip. 2:7

Worshipped by Gentiles

Matt. 2:2

Rejected by Jews

Jn. 1:11

The King was born

Matt. 2:2

But it was announced to shepherds

Lk. 2:8-9

Jesus did not become king


Jesus was born King

Matt. 2:2

Wisemen from the E worshipped Him

Matt. 2:2

Wisemen from Jer. rejected Him

Matt. 2:3,12





A lowly maiden to man

Matt. 1:16

A blessed maiden to God

Lk 1:42

A virgin cannot be with child


A virgin was with child

Matt. 1:23

Mary knew not a man

Lk. 1:34

Mary conceived Jesus

Lk. 1:35

At the sound of Eliz., Jesus did not jump in the womb


At the sound of Mary, John did jump in the womb

Lk. 1:44

The shepherds told all

Lk. 2:17

Mary pondered all in her heart

Lk. 2:19





Came to save His people

Matt. 1:21

Came to save all people

Lk. 2:10

Came to earth’s lack of peace

Matt. 2:3

Came to bring peace

Lk. 2:14





Adored by shepherds

Lk. 2:18

Hated by Herod

Matt. 2:16





God is timeless, ever present

Ex. 3:14

Christ came in the fullness of time

Gal. 4:4

Unconfined by time or space


Jesus was confined within human

Lk. 2:11

Christ was eternal

Heb. 1:8

Jesus was born

Matt. 1:16