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Ac 24:24  We have “...the faith in Christ

Ro 3:24  We have “...the redemption that is in Christ...”

Ro 8:1  We have “...no condemnation to them which are in Christ...”

Ro 8:2  We have “...the law of the Spirit of life in Christ” and are made “...free from the law of sin and death.”

Ro 8:39  We have “...the love of God, which is in Christ...”

Ro 9:1  We have “...the truth in Christ...”

Ro 12:5  We “...are one body in Christ...”

Ro 16:3; 16:9  We have “...helpers in Christ...”

Ro 16:7  We have “...fellowprisoners, in Christ...”

Ro 16:10  We are “...approved in Christ...”

1Co 1:2  We “...are sanctified in Christ...”

1Co 1:30  We are “...Of God in Christ...”

1Co 3:1  Some are “...babes in Christ

1Co 4:10  Some “...are wise in Christ...”

1Co 4:15  Some have too many “...instructors in Christ...”

1 Co. 4:15 We are begotten in Christ...”

1Co 4:17  Our  “...ways are in Christ...”

1Co 15:18  We will be “...asleep in Christ...”

1Co 15:19  “...we have hope in Christ...”

1Co 15:22  We are “...made alive in Christ...”

1Co 15:31  We have “...rejoicing... in others...in Christ...”

1Co 16:24  We have love “...in Christ...”

2Co 1:21  We are “...stablisheth...in Christ...”

2Co 2:14  We “...triumph in Christ...”

2Co 2:17  We speak “...in Christ

2Co 3:14  The “...vail is done away in Christ...”

2Co 5:17  We are new creatures “...in Christ...”

2Co 5:19  We were reconciled by God “...in Christ...”

2Co 5:20  “We pray” for others “...in Christ‘s stead...”

2Co 11:3  We have “...the simplicity that is in Christ...”

2Co 12:2  “... in Christ... one was caught up to the third heaven.”

2Co 12:19  “... we speak before God in Christ...”

Ga 1:22  “... the churches...” are “...in Christ...”

Ga 2:4  We have “...liberty in Christ...”

Ga 3:17  “... the covenant was confirmed of God in Christ...”

Ga 3:26  We “...are all the children of God by faith in Christ...”

Ga 3:28  We “...are all one in Christ...”

Ga 6:15  Only a new creature avails “...in Christ...”

Eph 1:1  Many are faithful “...in Christ...”

Eph 1:3  We are “...blessed with all spiritual blessings...in Christ...”

In Christ
by T.D. Bernard

 “’Of Him are ye in Christ Jesus” (1 Cor. 1:30). I take this text because it appears to me to contain the fundamental idea which underlies the whole range of the Epistles, and gives the specific character to their doctrine....

As the manifestation of Christ [in the Gospels], when it was finished made way for the preaching of Christ [in Acts], so the preaching of Christ when it has been received opens into the life in Christ. The Epistles presuppose the existence of this life, both in the community and in the individual, and their doctrine is directed to educate and develop it.  The fundamental thought in every page is that expressed in my text, 'Of Him are ye in Christ Jesus....’

In Christ Jesus!—... no symbolical form of speech, but the statement of a fact, as real in regard to the spirit as the fact of our being in the world is real in regard to the body.... [Believers] are not merely professors of His Name, learners of His doctrine, followers of His example, sharers in His gifts, I may go further. They are not merely men ransomed by His death, or destined for His glory. These are all external kinds of connection, in which our separate life is related to His life only as one man's life may be related to another's by the effect of what he teaches, of what he gives, and of what he does. But it is assumed in the Epistles that believers in Jesus are no longer living a life that is only external and, as it were, parallel to His life. They are in Christ Jesus, and He also is in them...  ‘At that day ye shall know that I Am in My Father, and ye in Me, and I in you'  (Jn. 14:26). The language of the Epistles is the echo of this promise. It
is the voice of those who have entered on the predicted knowledge, and
who view all subjects in light of it....     '

Believers are in Christ, so as to be partakers in all that He does, and has, and is. They died with Him, and rose with Him, and live with Him, and in Him are seated in heavenly places. When the eye of God looks on them they are found in Christ, and there is no condemnation to those that are in Him, and they are righteous in His righteousness, and loved with the love which rests on Him and are sons of God in His Sonship, and heirs with Him in His inheritance, and are soon to be glorified with Him in His glory. ...  It is no flight of mysterious rhetoric, but the brief expression of the settled, habitual, fundamental view of the state of those who are here addressed, 'Of him are ye in Christ Jesus.'  This idea underlies all that is said, gives the point of view from which every subject is regarded, and supplies the standard of character and rules of conduct.... [In Christ' is] the ground on which we stand, the air which we breathe, the element in which we live and move and have our being.

The churches are 'in Christ’; the persons are 'in Christ.'  They are found ‘in Christ' and 'preserved in Christ'.  They are 'saved and sanctified ‘in Christ'; are rooted, built up and made perfect ‘in Christ.'  Their ways are ways that be ‘in Christ'; their conversation is a good conversation ‘in Christ’; their faith, hope, love, joy, their whole life is 'in Christ'.  They think, they speak, they walk 'in Christ.'  They labor and suffer, they sorrow and rejoice, they conquer and triumph 'in the Lord.'  They receive each other and love each other 'in the Lord.'  The fundamental relations, the primal duties of life, have been drawn within the same circle. The man is not without the woman, neither the woman without the man ‘in the Lord.'  Wives submit to their husbands 'in the Lord'; children obey parents 'in the Lord.'  The broadest distinctions vanish in the common bond of this all-embracing relation. 'As many as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ; there is neither Greek nor Jew, there is neither bond nor tree, there is neither male nor female; they are all one in Christ Jesus.'  The influence of it extends over the whole field of action, and men 'do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.'  The truth which they hold is 'the truth as it is in Jesus'; the will by which they guide themselves is 'the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning them.'  Finally, this character of existence is not changed by that which changes all besides. Those who have entered on it depart, but they 'die in the Lord,' they 'sleep in Jesus,' they are 'the dead in Christ'....

What correspondence is there between our own habit of thought and the Christian consciousness which speaks in these pages?  I mean, not in particular doctrines or precepts, but in regard to that one fact which embraces them all—that which the text expresses, 'Of Him are ye in Christ Jesus.'  That is not the statement of a doctrine, but the summary of a life. Surely I must ask—Is it a life which I am living now?....  Must I not look down into my heart and ask whether my own inward life bears this character?  Let me accept nothing in exchange for this.  Men bid me live in duty and truth, in purity and love. They do well.  But the Gospel does better; calling me to live in Christ, and to find in Him the enjoyment of all that I would possess and the realization of all that I would become. In suggesting these personal inquiries, I have scarcely taken a step out of my way, for the very point before us is this, that the progress of doctrine in the Epistles is constituted, not in the first place by the communication of new information, but by the recognition of a spiritual state which has been attained, and by the education of the spiritual life pertaining to it."

Eph 1:10  All things “...will be gathered together in one...in Christ...”

Eph 1:12  We have “...trusted in Christ...to the praise of His glory.”

Eph 1:20  We have the spirit of wisdom and revelation “...in Christ...”

Eph 2:6  We are “...raised up to sit together in heavenly places in Christ”

Eph 2:10  We are “...created in Christ unto good works...”

Eph 2:13  We are made nigh “...in Christ by the blood...”

Eph 3:6  Gentiles and Jews “...are made partakers of His promise in Christ...”

Eph 3:11  We have an “...eternal purpose in Christ...”

Php 1:1  We are “...saints in Christ...”

Php 1:13  We are found in “...bonds in Christ...”

Php 2:1  We have “...consolation in Christ...”

Php 2:5  We can have the mind of Christ “...in Christ...”

Php 3:3  We “...worship God and rejoice in Christ...”

Php 3:14  We can attain for “...the prize of the high calling of God in Christ...”

Php 4:21  We are “...saint[s] in Christ...”

Col 1:2  We can be “...faithful brethren in Christ...”

Col 1:  Our faith and love “...in Christ...” is known.

Col 1:28  We can be presented “...perfect in Christ...”

Col 2:5  We can have “...stedfastness of faith in Christ...”

1Th 2:14  We should be “...followers of the churches of God which are in Christ...”

1Th 4:16  “...the dead in Christ shall rise first”

1Th 5:18  Thankfulness “...is the will of God in Christ concerning you.”

1Ti 1:14  Our “...faith and love are in Christ...”

1Ti 2:7  We are to “...speak the truth in Christ, and lie not...”

1Ti 3:13  Deacons should have “...great boldness in the faith in Christ...”

2Ti 1:1  “...the promise of life is in Christ...”

2Ti 1:9  God’s “...own purpose and grace, was given us in Christ...”

2Ti 1:13  We are to “...hold fast the form of sound words, in faith and love in Christ...”

2Ti 2:1  We are to “...be strong in the grace that is in Christ...”

2Ti 2:10  Salvation “...is in Christ...”

2Ti 3:12  If we “...live godly in Christ we shall suffer persecution.”

2Ti 3:15  We have salvation through faith by the holy scriptures “...in Christ...”

Phm 1:6  We should acknowledge that “...any good thing in us is...” because we are “...in Christ

Phm 1:8  We are to be “...bold in Christ...”

Phm 1:23  We have “...fellowprisoner[s] in Christ...”

1Pe 3:16  We are to have a “...good conversation [manner of life] in Christ”

1Pe 5:14  We have peace “...in Christ...”

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