Most preachers do not have fond memories of the first few (or many) sermons that they prepared and preached.  I remember the first sermon preached at my home church (likely 1980), which was entitled "Detours on the Road of Life," and I used the interstate as a picture of the Christian's life.  Oh, my! 
There was also an impromptu sermon preached in 1981 in the slums of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  This unprepared sermon had to be the worst ever preached anywhere and at any time, yet there were ten professions of faith that night.
The following is my second "official" sermon preached at my home church on December 28, 1983.  I was in my second year of Bible college, and my family and I were home for a Christmas break. 

Text:  Luke 1:1-4
Title: “3 Purposes of the Virgin Birth
Subj:  To consider 3 of the purposes of the virgin birth

Intro:  Much that constitutes our holiday season is unbiblical in its origin.  Santa Claus has been given the attributes of God; Christmas trees which were used to chase away evil spirits; the exchanging of gifts; 3 kings coming to a manager; the 25th of December as Christ’s birthday; the commercialization; the various Catholic doctrines concerning Mary; and last, but not least, Rudolph!

   On the other hand, much is Biblical about Christmas.  Jesus coming to earth; giving gifts to God; the Bethlehem star; the godliness of Joseph and Mary; the Biblical attitudes of joy, peace, praise, generosity and thankfulness; the shepherds and their flocks; and the virgin birth.

   Yet Christmas is not a season with God, but in His predetermined plan fulfilled a definite purpose.  The turning point of human history is centered on the birth of Christ, whose sinless life was foreshadowed in the virgin birth.

Luke 1:1-4 – “3 Purposes of the Virgin Birth”  --  prayer

I. PROPHECY (fulfilled)

    A. The Gift (Isa. 9:6)

          1. A Son is given

              a. Equal (“mighty God”) and eternal (“everlasting Father”) with God the Father

                  1) God is given

          2. A Child is born (man)

     B. The City

         1. Bethlehem (Micah 5:2) (“house of bread”)

             a. He came forth (man)

             b. From old, from everlasting (God)

    C. The Time

          1. Foretold (Dan. 9:25-26)

          2. Fulfilled (Gal. 4:4)

               a. Anna & Simeon knew the time had come

    D. The Virgin

          1. “A” virgin (Isa. 7:14)

          2. Mary, “the” virgin of Isa. 7:14 (Lk. 1:26-27)


     A. Provided

          1. Matt. 1:16, “out of,” “whom” (fem.)

          2. Matt. 1:18, “found”

          3. Matt. 1:22, “favored”

          4. Matt. 1:25, “forestalled”

          5. Heb. 10:5, “knitted”

          6. Luke 1:35, Trinity

      B. From Society

           1. Godly parents (Lk. 2:39)

                a. Godly Son (Lk. 2:40)

                    1) Grew: proper nourishment

                    2) Spirit: proper discipline

                    3) Wisdom: proper encouragement

                    4) Grace: proper result

III. PROVISION (prepared)

     A. For the Jew (Lk. 2:11)

     B. For the Gentile (Lk. 2:10)

     C. For Both (Lk. 2:32)

Concl:  The virgin birth fulfilled the O.T. prophecies completely.  The virgin birth protected our Saviour completely.  The virgin birth provided a way for all men to be reconciled to God.

   Are you reconciled to God?  Are you saved?  Are you living as a child of God?  Are you using your full potential in His service?  Are you working to see this church go forward in reaching this area and the world for Christ?

   Tough times demand tough decisions! 

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