The Miracles of Christ's Birth

The month was probably April, the year was 5 B.C., when a young Jewish couple slowly made their way from Nazareth to the little town of Bethlehem, a trip of some 80 miles.  Warm days and cool night, much like Florida's weather, followed their journey.  Deeply in love, they could not help but recount the miraculous event which led to their journey.
The story of a miracle is always attended by miraculous events, which, if taken by themselves, may seem only ordinary until taken together.  The birth of Jesus Christ was just such a miracle.

  1. The Miracle of the Preparation
    A. First and most important, it was in God's predetermined time (Gal. 4:4).
    B. Next, there was a Messianic expectation throughout the Jewish/Arab territories.  The Jews were seeking a Deliverer to overthrow the hated Roman Government.  Plus the expectation of hearing from God, since there had been no direct revelation from God for 400 years.
    C. Next, the Law of God (10 Commandments) had run the course of its instruction since being given 1500 years before.  They knew all they needed to know about their own sinfulness, and their need for the promised Messiah.
    D. Next, the Roman government determined to complete a census of its people and their property (not a "tax") by forcing them to return to their city of origin.
    E. Also, an official and complete genealogy of every Jew was available in the Temple.  Thus Jesus' birth, in Matt. begins with His genealogy as the rightful heir to the throne of David the king.
    F. Last, far to the east a star appeared in the night sky.
  2. The Miracle of the Birth of John the Baptist, the Forerunner of Christ
    A. His parents "were both righteous before God,  and walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless".
    B. His mother was "of the daughters of Aaron" (first High Priest).
    C. They were old and without children (a sign of God's reproach/judgment to the Jew).  God had kept them for this hour!
    D. Zacharias was serving in the Temple, at the altar of incense (the place of prayer), probably a once-in-a-lifetime privilege.
    E. The angel of the Lord appeared to him, breaking the 400 years of silence.
    F. Their son was named John (grace of God) by God.
    G. John would be great, would drink no alcohol, would go before the Christ to make the Jews ready, would preach in the power and spirit of the greatest O.T. prophet, Elijah, and would be filled with the Holy Spirit from conception.
  3. The Miracle of Joseph
    A. Joseph was of the house/lineage of king David
    B. He was a "just" man (saved)
    C. Joseph was called Mary's husband because "espousal" could only be broken by divorce, though the marriage was no consummated for a year from the espousal
    D. He was unwilling to make Mary a public example, though he could have: 1) divorced her,  2) simply given the child his name,  3) had her stoned for adultery
    E. He "thought on these things," wanting to do right and waiting on God for direction
    F. He believed God and took Mary to be his wife
  4. The Miracle of Mary
    A. Mary was a virgin (by her own testimony & according to prophecy)
    B. She, of all the Jewish maidens, had been chosen by God
    C. She was calm in the presence of the angel
    D. Mary called herself a slave of God, and willingly trusted God's Word
    E. She realized that, though favored by God, she was a sinner by nature, needing a Saviour by choice
  5. The Miracle of the Conception
    A. God had prophesied Christ's conception 700 years before it happened.  God said the virgin shall be with Child (as to His humanity), and would bring forth a Son (as to His relationship to God), and His Name would be Emmanuel (as to His deity).
    B. Mary was a virgin, and Joseph "knew her not."
    C. Christ was conceived in Mary without the involvement of a human male
    D. Jesus' conception was "on this wise," different from any other birth
    E. Jesus' conception was wrought by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the Highest (God), resulting in "that holy thing which shall be born of thee called the Son of God"
  6. The Miracle of Protection from the Sin Nature
    A. His birth did not use the participation of both male and female (Jer. 31:22)
    B. His human nature was obtained through Mary.  His divine nature was eternal, but combined with human nature by the Holy Spirit
    C. Each cell of Jesus' body was prepared ("knit") by God (Heb. 10:5), therefore Jesus was human, though sinless
  7. The Miracle of Christ's Birth
    A. At the end of a list of normal births, and lines of descent ("begats"), Christ is "born," which has the meaning of a particular birth, different from all the others
    B. Mary, "out of (as to source) whom (fem. gender not related to Joseph) was born Jesus"
    C. Jesus' birth was "on this wise," different then any before
    D. Jesus was the firstborn of Mary, one of others
    E. It occurred in the exact town prophesied of 700 years before
    F. The infant was worshipped by the poorest of the working poor (shepherds), the richest of the working rich (magi), and the most devote of the temple (Simeon & Anna).  He was worshipped by male and female, Jew and Gentile
    G. He was not made a king, He was born the King.  He was not made the Son of God, He was born as God come in human flesh
  8. The Miracle of the Magi
    A. They were Gentiles who knew the Jewish Scriptures
    B. they saw the Star and followed it path for perhaps two years
    C. There were not just three Wisemen.  Their numbers cast great fear into Herod and all Jerusalem
    D. The Gentiles came to worship the King of the Jews.  Must have been justified (saved)
    E. They recognized the Christ in the babe
    F. They found Jesus in a house, not in a manger
  9. The Miracle of the Names of the Child
    ("God is salvation"), Christ ("anointed One of God"), Son of David (king), Son of Abraham (descent), Son (relationship), Child (humanity), Emmanuel (God with us), King of the Jews (ruler), Governor (ruler), Nazarene (locality), Son of the Highest (Deity), Holy Thing (sinlessness), Son of God ("same as God"), Lord (Master, God), Saviour ("Deliverer"), Babe (innocent humanity), Consolation of Israel (Completer), Thy Salvation (God's salvation, Yeshua), Light, Sign.

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