Outline of Exodus

Introduction:  What did they do in Exodus?  They exited!  We saw in Genesis that there was a desperate need for a priest, one who would stand between man and God.  We saw that the need was not on the part of God, but on the part of man.  Man is the one that fell into sin!  In Exodus we find the very early beginnings of God's work in supplying the need of man, when the priest should appear in human history, a shadow of the Great High Priest of the New Testament.  Man has created the need, God is now moving toward the supply.  We begin to wonder to ourselves, why the long wait, God?  Why not just get it over with now?  The N.T. gives us part of the answer, the long- suffering of God! 

II. Exodus: The preparation to meet the need—God
A. The Separated Nation

Created by God (1:1-6:30)
a. Bound in slavery (1:7-14)
b. Moses
1) Baby (2:1-3)
2) Brazen defense (2:11-12)

Note: God's grace (2:23-25)
3) Burning bush (3:3-6)
4) Beginning miracles (4:3-5)
5) Before Pharaoh (5)

Note: God's grace (6:5)

6) Unbelief (6:9)

2. Delivered by God (7:1-18:27)
a. Before Pharaoh
1) First miracle: rod into serpent (7:1-13)
2) First plague: water into blood (7:14-25)
3) Second: frogs (8:1-15)
4) Third: lice (8:16-19)

Note: Magicians take notice (8:19)

5) Fourth: flies

Note: Israel now excluded (8:22)

6) Fifth: animal disease (9:1-7)
7) Sixth: boils (9:8-12)

Note: Purpose for Pharaoh (9:16)

8) Seventh: hail    (9:13-35) 
9) Eight: locusts (10:1-20)
10) Ninth: darkness (10:21-29)
11) Tenth: death of firstborn (11-12)
b. Passover (12) (first and greatest feast of the nation)
c. Red Sea (12:37-15:21)

Note: The Angel of the Lord (14:19)

d. Wilderness journeys (15:22-18:27)

3. Constituted by God (19:1-24:18)

Note: Purpose of God for Israel (19:5-6). A kingdom of priests, a mediator between mankind and  Himself (1 Pet 2:9). The fulfillment of the original idea for a separate nation: not to be a pet, but a pattern, not that God_ might forget the rest, but that God might reach the rest.

a. Mt. Sinai (19)
1) Commandments or Law of God (20-24)

Note: Claim of the people: 24:3

Note: They were only an unruly mob until touched by God.

b. The separated worship (25:1-40:33)
1) Exclusion
a) Tabernacle (25-27)
b) High Priest (28-31)
c) Sin (32-33)
d) Second chance (34-40:33)

 Note: Fading of the Law (34:33-5)        

2) Admission (35-40:33)
a) By offering, sacrifice, priest
c. The sufficient God (40:34-38)
1) Present
2) Reigning

How does Exodus begin?

How does Exodus end?

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