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It is our desire to promote booklets, books, Bibles, CD/DVDs, and videos that are beneficial to independent Baptists.  We may or may not endorse some of the information found therein, but generally they will be helpful tools for your journey.  This page is a work in progress.  Thanks for visiting.

Book Title Author Publisher Purchase Address
Phone, Email
Price if Known
KJV, 1611 Version Holy Spirit Pastor J.C. Stevens P.O. Box 389
Manchester, Kent. 40962
Bro.J.C. Stevens @juno.com
$25.00 + postage
Comments:  "Cover plain, text pages of excellent quality, paper used is heavy and of proper texture & tone to give an aged appearance.  Printing good, clear, readable presentation of the text."  (J. Manley)
"Independent Baptist Commentary" Sorenson, Dr. David Northstar Baptist Ministries 1820 W. Morgan St.
Duluth, Minn. 55811
Regular Price: $325.00
CD ROM: $125.00
Comments:  I have not had the opportunity to use this commentary set, but based on Dr. Sorenson's other writings, I am sure it would be a great addition to your library.
"Touch  Not The Unclean Thing"


Sorenson, Dr. David Northstar Baptist Ministries
ISBN 0-9711384-0-0
1820 W. Morgan St.
Duluth, Minn. 55811
Comments:  Excellent book on the differences between the Received Text and the Revised Text, showing the Received Text to be superior as the preserved text of the Scriptures and the reasons why.   Written by a Fundamental Baptist for other Fundamentalists.  Highly recommended.
"What Love Is This?
Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God"
Hunt, Dave Loyal Publishing
ISBN 1-929125-30-5

P.O. Box 1892
Sisters, Oregon 97759
Comments: Excellent book on differences between  Calvinistic theology and Biblical theology.     Covers all the Calvinist's arguments and compares them to the Bible.   Excellent source book.  Highly recommended.
"The Greatness of the Kingdom"
An Inductive Study of the King-
dom of God.
McClain, Alva J. BMH Books
Winona Lk, Ind.
ISBN 0-88469-011-3

If I was stranded on a desert island, I would want the KJV and this volume. In no other book will you gain a better systematic study, based
on the Kingdom of Heaven/God. Marvelous insights!

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