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Remember My Bonds.com

On December 10, 2003, twenty-four year old twin brothers Joshua and Caleb Thompson were convicted in an Austin, Texas court of injury to a child.  Joshua was sentenced to twenty-six years and Caleb to fourteen years in the Texas state penitentiary.  The injury to a child charge was for applying corporal punishment to an eleven year-old boy who attended their church.  We are not arguing guilt or innocence, but rather that their sentences are unreasonably severe.  The purpose of this website is to awaken Christians in America to the dangerous level of moral decline in our political and judicial systems, and to help the Thompson family write the final chapter in the story of their trial of faith.
Lifegate Gospel Tracts God has used over half a Billion paper copies of God's Simple Plan of Salvation since 1933 to see countless souls saved by reading the Gospel in over 112 languages. Over 30 of these languages are available on-line with simple ordering instructions for the paper versions of all the languages.


Faithful Witness
Tract Society

A Ministry of G. Albert Darst
email: fwts@seekingchrist.net

The Faithful Witness Tract Society was founded as a ministry of Community Baptist Church in 1997 with a goal of sending one million tracts a year to independent Baptist missionaries serving on foreign fields.  These tracts were sent free of charge and postage paid.  It is the Society's policy to send only tracts that contain the Biblical doctrines of repentance and the shed blood of the Saviour.   The tracts we have produced include Passport, The Gift of God, Heaven.com, The Marks of a Cult, and Faith Checkup (a 23 page tract for assurance of salvation.).  This ministry is no longer in operation as a free service. Go to our Online Store to order some of these tracts.
Northstar Ministries Northstar ministries is a publisher of independent Baptist books, under the direction of Dr. David Sorenson.  At present they have five titles; a commentary set plus books on marriage, children, pastoring, and Bible translations.
Hehzibah House Hephzibah House is a private Christian boarding school for teenage girls, founded in 1971 and located in Winona Lake, Indiana. For more than 38 years, the ministry has been helping teenage girls receive a Christian education as well as being taught how to improve their relationships with parents and Pastors.

Hephzibah House operates under the authority of Believers Baptist Church, an independent, fundamental Baptist church, also located in Winona Lake.

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