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"These are times which try men's souls.  The summer Christians and the sunshine Baptists will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their Lord; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of countless lost men and women." Thomas Paine & G. Albert Darst

All quotes are the brain-child of
G. Albert Darst
unless otherwise attributed

Abortion  (return to top)
"Celebrate Abortion: A Woman's Choice--A Child's Death"
"Let scientists find a ‘fetus’ on Mars, and see if that baby isn’t a 'life-form'!"
"A baby is God’s approval on continuing the human race."
"How can you tell a test tube baby? Their eyes have a glassy look!"
"Abortion destroys mankind's future." 

America (return to top)
"This country was founded on the worth of the soul."

Angels (see Spirit Beings)

The Ark  (return to top)
"God had the ark built for people."

Art  (return to top)
"Paint the Light!"  (Glen Wessels)

Baptism  (return to top)
"Water baptism was ordained by the Father, practiced by the Son, and authenticated by the Holy Spirit."
"Under the blood before under the water."

"John the Baptist was the man sent from God;
Jesus Christ was the God sent to man;
They both met in the obedience of baptism.

Bible  (return to top)
"The book you are willing to put under your head for a dying-pillow is the best volume to study while living." (Joseph Cook, 1880)
"To read your Bible is to know the mind of Christ upon any subject of which it speaks. To study the Bible is to gain the mind of Christ!"
"The Bible has:
1) The imprint of God,
2) The Seal of the Holy Spirit, and
3) The blood of Christ in every book."
"Frame your life by the Word of God." (Gerald Ross)
"Read it to: 1) be convicted, 2) be challenged, 3) be changed, 4) to be conformed to Christ."
"So much Bible to know, so little time to know it."
"The Bible writers wrote in Greek, but thought in Hebrew." (Doug Bookman)
"Scripture does not require interpretation--Scripture needs reading."  (Jerald Manley)
"The Word of God never leaves men where it finds them.  It either makes them better, or it makes them worse (Rev. 22:11)."  (J.A. Seiss)
"You can't do the Bible unless you know the Bible."
"God will not do anything that can not be confirmed in His Word or we would have no way of knowing the source."
"As you read the Bible, the Bible reads you."
“Biblical (replacing ‘Institutional’ (gad)) erosion often begins slowly, perceived by only the most discerning, and too often explained and dismissed as harmless and inconsequential interpretation (replacing ‘change’ (gad)).  When the signs of decay are apparent, it is often too late to correct without a major, often expensive, and sometimes impossible attempt to salvage.” (Pastor Travis Smith, Hillsdale Baptist Church)
"What you look for in the Bible, you will find. Look for Christ!"
"We break into God's sphere through the Bible."
"There is enough in the Word of God to satisfy your faith, but not enough to satisfy your curiosity."
"We should not limit ourselves to 'Bible study," but we should study He who is revealed in the Bible."
"We do not need new revelation, we need continuation in the given revelation."
"It is not that we do not have the information, it is that we do not make application of the information to our situation."
"Frame your life life by the Word of God." (Gerrold) 

Calvinism  (return to top)
"Since I have no will of my own, I don't know what to do next!"

Creation   (return to top)
"In the beginning God created the end."
"For billions of years millions of evolutionists have been wrong."
"In Genesis we have the genealogy of the Creation; in Matthew we have the genealogy of the Creator."

Christ  (return to top)
"When you believe on Christ, you love Him as your Saviour. When you follow Christ, you love Him as your Lord."
"Christ is the vine of Heaven in Jn. 15:1-8; while Satan is the 'vine of the earth' in Rev. 14:18 & 19."
"You may expect to see Christ in your lifetime, but I know I will see Him at my death-time."
"It was not that they did not love Christ, but the lost the meaning of love as a sacrifice."
"Christ lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died." (copied)
"If Christ is not the eternal Son of God, than you are not the eternal child of God."
"There is so much of Christ and so little time."
"Christ came down to be a man; men don't go up to be as gods."
"Christ did no sin; Christ knew no sin; Christ had no sin; Christ wouldn’t sin; Christ couldn’t sin."
"The never changing Christ and His ever changing children."

"Christ’s work on our behalf is always a new work."
"Jesus Christ--the body of a man, the person of God."
"God is not as interested in your experience with Christ, but Christ’s experience with you."
"No matter how you may quake on the Rock, the Rock never quakes under you."  (Brad Scott)
"Transfiguration: Christ's glory is found in solitude, not in the multitudes."

“The world will never find the solution to its problems until Christians find the Solution to their problems.”

In Christ  (return to top)
"Our standing before God is in Christ and is under God's control.  Our fellowship with God is through Christ and is under our control."
"We are nothing in ourselves, but we are everything in Christ."
"Our relationship with Christ is established, but our fellowship is changeable." 

Christ's Blood  (return to top)
"Sacrificial animals' blood covered sins for one year, but Christ's blood satisfied God's wrath eternally."

Christ's Crucifixion  (return to top)
"The focus should not be on what they did to Him, but on what He did for us."
"Nailed through the wrist and median nerve, the pain created a new word--'excruciating' or 'out of the cross'."

Christ’s Death  (return to top)
"Christ’s death first satisfied the wrath of God toward sinners."
"Wave after wave of your sin was laid on Christ, and blow after blow of God's wrath fell on Christ, until God was satisfied (propitiated)--and Christ was sacrificed!"
"Jesus came to die for sinners.  Everything else He did was an over-flow of His goodness."
"Jesus cross was the Cross!"

Christian Walk  (return to top)
"This situation is a case of your character."
"There is a vertical and horizontal relationship. Where these two cross is either self or Christ."
"The meaning of life is not found at the moment of death, but in your following the will and purpose of God for your life."
"Your works reveal your relationship with God (to others), but your works do not reveal God's relationship with you."
"Trust God and with confidence do the next thing." (Chambers)
"The voice of God speaks to the inner man. The voice of Satan speaks to the outer man."
"Strength does not come through prayer to God, but by yielding to God."

"In Japan broken objects are often repaired with gold. The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the object’s history, which adds to its beauty." (copied)

"We are few, but God is all."
"Every Christian should be on a "Wanted Poster." It is a terrible thing not to be "wanted!"
"Whatever I am it is because of Christ and whatever I am not, it is because of me."
"Joy is manufactured in Heaven." (Jn. 15:11)
"Where there is no man, I strive to be a man."  (Old Jewish saying)
"An earned Christian’s doctorate is made up of:
(Sunday School)
(Morning Worship)
(Evening Worship)
(Wed. Evening Prayer Meeting)."
Always remember, that thy very nature is thy worst enemy, the Devil thy worse counselor, and the world thy worst friend." (Ambrose Serle)
"Total victory demands complete surrender."
"To hate sin in another's life is noble. To hate sin in your own life is divine."

"Avoid the error, when engaged in controversy, of magnifying the importance of the subject beyond its proper bounds.”
(Andrew Fuller)
"Everything we do affects the next thing we do."  (Will Zeiler)
"Disciples are called to do something. Saints are called to be something."
"When we are weak, God makes us strong. When we are strong God reminds us that we are weak."
"In the beginning, consider the end."  (copied)
e are not “called to go,” but commanded to occupy until He comes!"  
"A Christian's biggest problem is the problem of our sin-nature."
"Just because you are in the Kingdom of Heaven doesn’t mean you are fit for the Kingdom!"
"Consistency brings maturity."
"The word 'Christian' ends with IAN and that stands for 'I AM NOTHING'."  (Vance Havner)
"He is the richest man in the esteem of the world who has gotten most.
He is the richest man in the esteem of heaven who has given most."  (FB Meyer)

"The contemporary version for the ‘whole armor of God’ is vacation attire." (Jerald Manley)

"Many a believer is far more concerned about his/her preparation for retirement than about his/her preparation for Heaven." (Jerald Manley)
"We are no longer ‘strangers and pilgrims’ who are just passing through, but settlers and citizens [here to stay]." (Jerald Manley)
"But with God all things are possible:  "What in your life makes it impossible for God to do the possible? What hinders God from doing His possible with your impossible?"
"When the saints go marching home not all of them will have a chest full of medals.  The best known soldier in Arlington National Cemetery is the Unknown Soldier!" 
(Vance Havner)
"Is Jesus Christ as real to you as others you know?" (Ned Durrance)
"When we are saved Christ gives us life.  When we surrender we give our life back to Christ."
"The big picture is made up of individual frames--watch your walk!"

"If you are the only Bible others will see then you had better watch your covers."
"The whole Christian puts on the whole armour for the whole battle."  (Eph. 6:13)
"Christian love is not an emotion, but a determination."
"Occupy (actively) the space where God has put you."
"Don't leave an impression of depression."
"Not an imitation of Christ, but a participation with Christ."
willing to do the work of a servant with the heart of a master."
"God does have a "plan" for your life---Heaven or Hell!"
"What needs to be done must be done before the day is done."
"Glance back; look around; but focus ahead."
"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."  (Deanna Peterson)
"Show me what you treasure, and I will show you your heart." (Matt. 6:21)
"Consider the place God puts you as your own responsibility."
"You cannot see the promised land from down in the valley."
"We are ultimately known by what we are, not by what we say we are."
"The power is in the Word we preach, and the power of a transformed life that we display."
"Whatever total dependence on Christ brings, we should gladly accept."
"When men cannot understand something spiritual, they attribute your actions to something they do 'understand'.”
"As the Lord moves men, men must move with the Lord."
"The reason we do not show forth Christ is that we are not transparent enough."
"The Christian life is one of continual repentance."
"The grand science of a Christian consists in deriving good from every thing, in having the art to render himself happy in all circumstances, and to enjoy innocently whatever surrounds him, without injuring his virtue."  (C.C. Sturm, 1834)
"You can make the choice, but you can't chose the consequences."  (copied)

"Your word is your bond and your Bible is your conscience."
"I will not die an unlived life."  (Deanna Peterson)
"In temptation, will you be a victim or will you get the victory?"  (Rachael Scott)
"We want Jesus to satisfy us, but Jesus wants us to be satisfied with Him."
"We move in the direction of our dominate thoughts." (copied)
"God wants you to be what you ought to be, despite what you are."  (copied)

"Conviction is the knowledge that you should do that which is right."  (copied)

"You are waiting for God's call, but God is waiting for you to volunteer."  (copied)
"Your life exemplifies the God that you follow." (copied)

"Some Christians today would give lions indigestion."
"God make me persistent to be consistent."
"Most of today's Christians are not persecuted because the enemy does not recognize them."
"We are always handicapped by what we do not know." 
"It doesn't take much of a person to serve God, but it takes all you are." 
"Most Christians have more calluses on their butts than on their knees."
"God provides for you, the world takes from you."
"God's purpose is to take us through or to take us home."
"We must let go of the life we planned, so as to accept what God has planned for us."
"A new Christian is a 'wooly little  lamb'." (Al Petty)
"It is easier to think you are right, than to be right!"  (Jim Willis)

Children  (return to top)
"Children are a heritage of the Lord, but the responsibility of the parents."
"Dads' teach children how to live. 
Moms' teach children how to act."
"The reason you THINK your children are doing alright is because you don't KNOW what they are doing."
"What Dewey did to children in schools, Spock did to children in their homes."
"The reason we teach children to do right is to get them into the habit."

Church  (return to top)
"A scriptural NT church is:
1) Authorized by God,
2) Commissioned by Christ,
3) Empowered by the Holy Spirit,
4) Ordered by the Bible,
5) Sustained by faith,
6) Attended by saints
7) Proud to be Baptist."
"Church members want to see something happening, but they rarely know what is happening!"
"The introduction of charismatic terminology, charismatic music, and charismatic practices into Baptist churches is only the precursor to the preaching of charismatic doctrine." (Jerald Manley)
"...the average Baptist church is one staff member change away from compromise and one pastor change from the beginning of the road to eventual apostasy." (Jerald Manley)
"The church is not a perch, but a platform for service and sacrifice."
"The decline of the independent Baptist movement began when pastors started to believe that what the members were doing was more important than what they were becoming. The church's priority was no longer Christ, nor was Christ the focal point of all preaching and teaching."
"To the individual N.T. Baptist church's members, they are "the" body of Christ.  To the world, they are "a" body of Christ."
"It is not the business of the church to catch up with the spirit of this age, but to change it."  (Raymond Barber)
"We have striven to be mediocre, and we have almost attained our goal."
"An independent Baptist church should be 'a going church to a dying world'."
"The invisible motto of many independent Baptist churches is: 'A dying church for a dying world'."

"The Baptist church is not a lighthouse, it is a battering ram."

Church Finances  (return to top)
"Critical to leadership is integrity, and there is no integrity without accountability” 

Compassion  (return to top)
"Pity weeps and walks away. Compassion comes to help and stays." (Arthur Beals)

Counseling  (return to top)
"No one can ‘counsel’ the prodigal on the way to the far country."
(Jerald Manley)
"When you correct, also build."  (copied)

Covenant People of God  (return to top)
As Israel was a covenant nation, so our entering into a scriptural church covenant/membership makes us a covenant people of God."

Creation/Evolution  (return to top)
"O ye men of science, give me back my ancestors in the Garden of Eden, and you may keep yours in the Zoological Gardens."  (Dean Burgon)
"Time was when time wasn't"

Cults  (return to top)
"For a cult member;
1) The Word of God is not sufficient,
2) The Son of God is not sufficient,
3) The grace of God is not sufficient."
"The problem with Islam is Islam."

Death  (return to top)
"Adam's tree and Christ's cross stood in one place."
"To die for truth is noble, but to die for God's truth is glory." (Ken Orr)
"Death by: beheading (3 sec.); hanging (23 sec.); electrocution (40 sec.); gas chamber (57 sec.); crucifixion (3-5 days)." (copied)  Death by rejecting Jesus Christ as your Saviour (eternal).
"The dead in Christ are raised & changed;
The alive in Christ are changed & raised."
"Get ready today to die tomorrow."
"The most human of all human acts--death!"
"The reason the body does not go easily is because the sin-nature does not want to lose it's victim."
"I am not anxious either to live or die; for, if I die, I shall be with God; and, if I live, He will be with me." (Ambrose Serle)
"Too often the courage about dying is cowardice about living."  (Jan Yoors, Gypsie)

Definitions  (return to top)
"Responsible = Response Able."

Discernment  (return to top)
"Discernment asks the question, 'What did I learn about the Lord Jesus Christ?'"

Discipleship/Training  (return to top)
"Teaching is not training.  Teaching is telling.  Training requires elements such as learning, modeling, coaching, practicing, and correction until the student does it just like the instructor."  (Bill Monroe)

Doctrine  (return to top)
"At the back of doctrinal falsehood comes a natural decline of spiritual life, evidenced by a taste for questionable amusements, and a weariness of devotional meetings."  (Spurgeon) 
"You can never base doctrine on your experience (or anyone else's). It is an unverifiable system." (copied)

Enemies  (return to top)
"The purpose of loving our enemies is to prove our relationship to the Father, to glorify the Father, and to call men to the Son."

Evangelist (return to top)
"An evangelist: a traveling preacher who sometimes interrupts his illustrations and/or stories to insert some Bible."
"The triumphant conclusion to a modern independent Baptist evangelist's message, 'One more story and I am finished'."
"Many modern evangelists: 1) Misuse scripture,  2) manipulate people,  3) magnify self."

Faith  (return to top)
"But how to get faith strengthened?  Not by striving after faith, but by resting on the Faithful One." (McCarthy)
"To be faithful (“full of faith”) means you are so confident in God—because of your knowledge of Him—that you go beyond your sight"
"Little faith, little obedience.  Great faith, great obedience."
"When your belief in God becomes difficult, where are you going to turn?" (G.K. Chesterton)

"Those that depend on anything other than faith in Christ are going to be sadly disappointed at their end."
"The greater your faith in the God of all grace, the sooner your mountain will be moved from its place."
"The amount of our faith is of much more concern to Christ than the danger of our circumstances."
"Faith is substance (of hope),
Faith is evidence (not seen)."
"God gives us opportunities.  We can respond in faith or lack of faith.  Our stewardship is based on what we do with the opportunities."
"Most of us spell faith with a "l," faileth."

Family (return to top)
"If your Christianity does not work at home, it doesn’t work. Don’t export it." (Howard Hendricks)
"It is not the church's responsibility to train children; rather it is the church's responsibility to train parents to train their children." (Otis Ledbetter)
"To win the world to Jesus Christ and to lose your family is too not have won the world."
"If you do not teach your children Biblical morality, the world will teach them immorality."

Finances   (return to top)
"Money is congealed life." (copied)

Food    (return to top) 
"Why hasn't anyone invented lettuce-wrapped donuts?"
"That donut was on the stale side of fresh!"

Forgiveness  (return to top)
"I had forgiven him already--all he had to do was claim it.  Until he did ask to receive forgiveness, it is true that the forgiveness was never active or applied to him, but the forgiveness was already in place."  (Jerald Manley)

God  (return to top)
"It is not that we don’t know that God is sufficient, but that we aren’t sure if He is paying attention!"
"We believe that God is all powerful, but is not powerful enough to meet our needs!"
"Has it ever occurred to you that nothing has never occurred to God?"

"The deeply held human realization that God exists is the scarlet cord that draws a sinner to place his/her faith in the sinner’s Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

"We say that God is in control, but then we take
"God is the same--man changes.  When man changes, God deals with him based on this change."
"You have created a false god when you 'tweak' God's standards to suit your own desires."
"God deals with His children as a Father: either in blessings or chastisement."
"On the basis of what I know I can trust Him with what I don't know." (copied)
"Man plans, God laughs."  (copied)
"When you can't understand the mind of God trust the goodness of God."
"You cannot look at the sun, but you cannot see without it."  (G.K. Chesterton)
"You can ask God questions, but do not question God." (Al Petty)
"Atheists say there is no God, but they do not want our 'no God' to compete with their no god."
"God provides for you: the world takes away from you."
"A 'loving' God is acceptable on the lost's terms, a demanding God is rejected on any terms."
"God is close enough to feel your every breath."
"God does not want to fix us up, He wants to Light us up."
"God dwells in light." (Tozer)

"God works from the inside out, man works from the outside in."  (copied)

God’s Grace   (return to top)
"God’s grace is God being favorably disposed toward us. God’s mercy is God’s acts of loving kindness toward us."
"God's grace was activated by the Cross."
"Delay with God is not indifference. Delay is mercy."  (Chris Barney)
"God has taught us by afflictions, what we would not learn by mercies." 
(Ann H. Judson)

God's Law  (return to top)
"God gave the Law to present man's sinfulness.
Christ kept the Law to provide justification.
Christians keep the Law to prove their salvation."
"God's standard is perfection; man's response is imperfection."

Government  (return to top)
"Democracy = mob rule"
"Democracy is nothing more than two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner."  (James Bovard)
"Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few." ([Socialist] G. B. Shaw) (Disclaimer: we do not support Socialism/Communism, nor do we support Shaw, but this definition has merit.  Ed.)
"Oligarchy = rule by the few"
"Republic = rule by law"  (America was founded as a Republic, but has been changed into an Oligarchy.  Ed.)
"More gruel, please!"

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government."  (Thomas Paine)

"I am a Bible-toting gun owner, living in a land of corrupt politicians."
"If you have a net worth that’s above zero, you’re already wealthier than your government." (Simon Black)
"I believe the federal government taxes too much, spends too much, lies too much, and snoops too much into the personal lives of the American people."  (Chuck Baldwin)
"In my many years I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress."  (John Adams)
"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings.  The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery."  (Winston Churchill)
Politician to voter: "Believe me when I lie to you." (copied)
“It is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong.” (copied)

Healers  (return to top)
"Every man who claims that he has a commission to heal the sick, must, in order to convince of his authority, be able to raise the dead also."  (G. Campbell Morgan) 

Heaven  (return to top)
"There is not a mansion just over the hilltop, but a room down the hall from the Father." ("Mansion" is an old English word for "room down the hall.")
"Heaven is a place with God's presence, not man's presence."
"My desire for Heaven is so strong that I feel my soul pushing against my skull."

Hell  (return to top)
"While sin lasts, Hell must last."  (J.A. Seiss)
"Ignoring Heaven they seek for happiness on earth and end up in Hell."  (L. Shepherd)
"Perhaps this is why Hell is the blackness of darkness, a place where the person is finally the 'center of his/her own universe'."
"You don't go to Hell for punishment, you go there for justice sake."
"If God would take His hands off this fallen world, so that there were no restraint on human wickedness, we would make Hell."  (Carson)

Holy Spirit  (return to top)
"The Holy Spirit never leads down any path where the Word of God has already posted a No Trespassing sign."  (Shelton Smith)
"Any spirit that focuses on the Holy Spirit and glorifies the Holy Spirit is not the Holy Spirit.  It is contrary to His whole nature and purpose." (John 16:13-14)

Homosexuality (see Sodomy)

Humility  (return to top)
"Humility is positive pride."

If The Truth Be Told  (return to top)
"My momma didn’t raise no idiot—she died in my infancy."
"I’d rather die than be hanged."
"Now that you are 60 your best years are still behind you."
"I'm very well known in lesser known circles."
"My wife and I have been married for 7 1/2 broken mirrors."
"We were so poor that I didn't know meat came in a solid piece until I was 12!"
"It isn't easy having fun!"
"I just passed gluttony and I'm headed for heart attack!"
"I used to care, now I just send cards."
"I just want to know where Cain's wife got her husband!"
"Just what do they do with the Grouper's hands?"
"How poor were you?  We were so poor that my brother was made in China."  (Frank Coggins)
"I am a white African American Oriental Latino."
"The loser of the AARP Spelling Bee couldn't spell Alzheimer's."
"If there is no Santa Claus why are there reindeer droppings on my roof?"

"I wear my glasses when I sleep because I can't see in the dark."
"Was the Lone Ranger's horse named after his bullets, or were his bullets named after his horse?"
"Are you so sick of being ill that it is affecting your life?"
If something seems too good to be true; it's best to shoot it, just in case."
"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate."
"It only matters if you care."  (Phil Palinkas)

Judgment  (return to top)
"The magnificence of God in nature bespeaks the might of God in judgment!"

King James Version  (return to top)
"Why is it that some of those who use the KJV Bible for preaching and teaching still disparage its preservation as the authoritative Word of God?"
"The King James Version (a translation) is not inspired, but it is the preserved Word of God for the English speaking world."

Leadership  (return to top)
“Critical to leadership is integrity, and there is no integrity without accountability.”  (unknown)
"Everyone wants acceptance, approval and appreciation."  (copied)
"Leadership costs." 
"A good leader is one who; know the way, goes the way and shows the way."  (Jim Willis)

Liberty  (return to top)
"Religious tolerance is something created by government/man.  Soul liberty is something God established when He created us."  (Clarence Sexton)
"Liberty = the freedom to do what is right according to God's standard."
"Rebellion To Tyrants Is Obedience To God" (taken from the original suggestion by Franklin, Adams and Jefferson as the motto for the Great Seal of the United States).
"You can do anything you want to do in America, but that does not mean that you can do it here!"
"No matter how deeply you distrust the government's judgment, you are too trusting."  (George Will)
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction" (Ronald Reagan), but  "Liberty, in Christ, is eternal!" (gad)
"If you are afraid to speak against tyranny, then you are already a slave." (John "Birdman" Bryant) (1943-2009)
Quotes from Jim Lucier

1. "...freedom belongs to the mind and soul [of man]."
2. "The man who throws off all restraint puts himself in bondage to himself."
3. "The man who puts himself in bondage to the higher Law (i.e., God) is the man who is forever free."

Life  (return to top)
"The cycle of life is not a pretty sight, except to the Christian."
"Surveys show that 90% of travelers are going someplace."
"I don't have the stomach for eating right!"

"Sometimes good is not good enough."
"I understand that you do not understand."
"Life is too short to get sick of life."
"We sometimes eat at a Chinese restaurant that sells their rice by the grain."
"The World Wide Web is just the Pony Express without the pony."
"Life has been so crazy lately that I am beginning  to doubt my own insanity." 
"Lawyers' mistakes go to jail.  Doctors' mistakes go to the cemetery.  But preachers' mistakes go to Hell!" (Anderson)
"Time started and time will end.
This world started and this world will end.
Life started and life will end.
So don't give up, but to Christ give in." (Jim Willis)
"I once had a sick dog that would not heel."
"It was raining so hard yesterday that I could not even see the storm!"
"Today I was walking so slow that my shadow passed me."
"I just texted myself, but I didn't answer."
"My outward life is dying, but my inward life is thriving."
"Your position in life is not as important as your purpose for life!"
"Despite your age, you are still old enough to die!"
"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want."  (Dan Stanford)
"Something that you could never comprehend conflicts with something that you'd never understand." (Dilbert)
"A mime is a terrible thing to waste."
"The internet is just the Pony Express without the pony."
"I had arthroscopic surgery today. They went in through my wallet."
"The church voted 27-25 with 3 abstentions to pray for your recovery."
"If history is my guide, you will abuse the next hour of my life by insisting that I defend your misunderstanding of what I think." (Dilbert)
"I am thinking about what I am going to do tomorrow, because I can't get through today."  (Phil Palinkas)
"When I awoke this morning, I discovered that I had died during the night."
"There are two great rules of life, the one general and the other particular.
The first is that everyone can, in the end, get what he wants if he only tries.  This is the general rule.
The particular rule is that every individual is more or less an exception to the general rule."  (Samuel Butler)
"When mimes have a meeting, who is the first to speak?"
"Your attitude will determine your altitude."
"Some of your friends won't be able to hold a conversation with you until you are dead!"
"The earth is the theater of the universe."
"Nothing in your life is going to work, until you
(Jim Willis)
"Everyone has the right to be stupid, but you seem to be abusing the right."
"He who never failed, never tried." 
(Jim Willis)
"You are too old to die young!"  (Barbara Darst)
"Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves."  (Abraham Lincoln)
"I like aberrant behavior because it proves there is a norm."
"How you work is your character on display." 
(G. Wayne Golson)
"If you don't try you don't win." 
(Jim Willis)
"Intent is in the eye of the beholder."
"When you tear down another you are elevating yourself on a 3 legged stool with a broken leg!"

"I have learned the hard way that life is hard."
"Are you so sick of being ill that it is affecting your health?"
"As I said to Father Time, 'Just give me one more second'."
"Your future is all in your past."  (Barbara Darst)
"When you married that man on the white horse you did not realize that you would have to clean up after the horse too."
"I am going to spend the rest of my life in the future."
"It's time to kill that sacred cow so we can get some meat!"
"Don't worry so much about who gets the credit, just get the cash!" (Petty)
"Holy days soon become holidays."
"To many people stop looking for work when they find a job." 
(Jim Willis)
"Life is too short to worry about living a long time."
"There is only one race, the human race.  Everything else is just different cultures." (Ken Ham)
"I have seen the future and it ain't me."
It's true that black folks and white folks have a difficult time getting along in America. Neither one of us speaks Spanish."
"Immaturity does what it wants.  Maturity does what it should."  (copied)
"God's law of time has closed yesterday, we can only begin afresh today." 
"I take more pleasure in the quality of my enemies than in the virtue of my friends."  (Westbrook Pegler)
"It is almost impossible to overestimate the unimportance of most things." (Rob)
"I hate looking forward to the past."
"Stupidity is free (see below)."

Life's Purpose in Stupid Sayings
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Jessica Simpson (singer/reality star/Pizza Hut spokeswoman)  "...the purpose of life is to go through it smiling."
Rev. Ron Williams (Professor, Methodist Theological Seminary), while sucking on his pipe and taking a swig of beer,  "It's no secret, just do your best, and everything will take care of itself."
Homer Simpson (cartoon character), "The answer to life's problems aren't found at the bottom of a bottle, they're found on T.V."
Willie Nelson, singer, song writer.  "I believe all of us are only energy that becomes matter.  When the matter goes away, the energy still exists.  It never dies.  It manifests itself somewhere else.  Death is just a door opening to somewhere else.  Someday we'll know what that door opens to."
Wm. Shatner (actor), "I ascribe it all--the luck of being in good health and good fortune--to the finger of fate."
Kevin Kelly (new tech. author/journalist), [The new] technologies like the Internet, iPhone, etc. ...have provided a reason to live, a definition of "where we are in the cosmos."

Lordship Salvation  (return to top)
"Accept Him as Saviour.  Serve Him as Lord."  (R.G. Lee)

The Lost    (return to top)
"The heathen's false worship is just an attempt to get God's attention."

Marriage  (return to top)
According to Gen. 3:16 the definition of marriage is: "One man and one woman aggravating one another for one lifetime."
"The three particulars of marriage:
1) Commitment to God.
2) Commitment to God’s will.
3) Commitment to one another."
"Women: they always give men more information then they need to know.
Men: they always give women less information then they want to know."
"Your spouse fulfills something in you, why don't you fulfill something in her?"
"The formula for a happy marriage is the same one for living in California.  When you find a fault, don't dwell on it."  (Unknown)
"A man's integrity is a woman's security."  (Unknown)
"'Elephantitus', a disease of the female mind whereby they never forget."
"In many marriages, Rocky Road is more than an ice cream flavor, it is a way of life."
"A women will submit to a man who sacrificially loves her; a man will love a woman who unconditionally submits to him."

Missions  (return to top)
"Missions is showing God’s love to the world."
"A mission’s conference decides the fate of the world." (Harris)
"Will you forsake your culture to follow the will of God?"
"It is not as cold in Antarctica as it is hot in Hell."
"A missionary is one willing to go for one."
"'I will do as much as I can,' says one.  Any fool can do that.  He that believes in Christ does what he can not do." (Spurgeon)
"Our willingness to sacrifice for an enterprise is always in proportion to our faith in that enterprise."  (Samuel Zwemer)
"The church's mission is missions."
"Our family always had missionaries over to supper, but then, we were cannibals!"
"A man/woman who is not mission-minded does not have the mind of Christ."
"Missionary = Visionary."

Music  (return to top)
"You may not have noticed that the word SACRED is no longer used in connection with gospel music. Perhaps this is because the word 'sacred' means 'holy, consecrated, opposed to profane and secular,' according to Webster's dictionary. ... Separation from the world in music is just as important as any other area of Bible separation."  (Gordon Sears)
"A Muslim could sing most contemporary praise choruses and never utter a contradiction of his faith.  In contrast, a Muslim could not sing a Christian hymn without professing doctrine that contradicts Islamic faith...Contemporary praise choruses are so vague that they could be sung to any false god." (Sword of the Lord)
"Music soothes or incites the soul of man."
"Some say that music is not that important, but Eve succumbed to the 'song' of Satan."
"Music should cause people to think about the words."
"Contemporary Christian Music is music without thought."
"For Baptist churches to entice the lost with worldly music (CCM) is to perpetrate a fraud upon sinners."
"Music preferred by the flesh is usually foreign to God." 


Nation of Islam  (return to top)
"The problem with Islam is Islam."

Nation of Israel  (return to top)
The fulfillment of the original idea for a separate nation: not to be a pet, but a pattern.  Not that God  might forget the rest, but that God might reach the rest."

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"We are Christians because we received Christ, but we are Baptists because we are obedient to Christ."
"Blessings come through obedience."

"Notice the words, “follow Me,” do not outline the journey.  It is enough to know that we are going where Christ has already been, and that in going we have His presence."
"Jesus said...," and that is all we need to know!
"For our good, and for God's glory."
"The best preparation for tomorrow is to be obedient to God today."
a. Is there anything in me that is not according to Thy will?
b. Is there anything in me that has not been ordered by Thee?
c. Is there anything in me that is not entirely given up to Thee?"
(Andrew Murray)

Observations  (return to top)
"Life is funny except to those who take it too seriously."
"Graduation is that giddy time between high school or college and reality."

"To plead insanity is crazy!"
"If a man wants his dreams to come true, he must wake up." (Anonymous.)
"The Academy Awards consist of sinners congratulating other sinners on their sins."
"I don't know why you did not receive my letter.  I copied your email address correctly on the envelope!"
"People today love being lied to." (the old preacher)

Persecution  (return to top)
"Abhor every approach, in any kind or degree, to the spirit of persecution.  If you cannot reason nor persuade a man into the truth, never attempt to force a man into it.  If love will not compel him to come, leave him to God, the Judge of all."  (John Wesley)

Politics  (return to top)
"The more things seem different the more, in the end, they stay the same"

Prayer  (return to top)
"Prayer does not change God, it changes you!"
1. Unburdens the soul.
2. Refocuses your sights on God and others.
3. Reminds you of your responsibility to intercede and assist.
4. Broadens your knowledge of God and others."
"When you go to God in prayer, stay there until God comes to you in mercy and grace."  (Heb. 4:16)
"Prayer is priceless."  (Shirley Scott)
"We should not pray to God unless we are willing to be the answer."
"God expects you to continue to ask until you are convinced of your own need and God's ability to meet your need."
"When we get serious with God, we will be serious before God!"
"A sinning man stops praying; a praying man stops sinning." (Ravenhill)
"If we are weak in prayer, we are weak everywhere." (Ravenhill)
"Prayer is acknowledging our reliance on God and the lack of prayer shows our independence from God." (copied)
"Prayer is the voice of faith."  (Ambrose Serle)

Prayers   (return to top)
"Lord, give me the strength to be weak."
"Thank you Lord for what you will do. It is in your hands and in your plans."
"God, cause the circumstances of life to refocus his life on Christ and not self."

Preaching  (return to top)
"There was a young man that wanted to be a preacher in the worst way, and now he is one."
"In preaching a preacher should give the sense, and the listeners should check their Bibles to see if it makes sense!"
"The time you spend with God’s Word becomes the fountainhead of all your sermon texts."
"Have a pastor's heart and a preacher's mouth!"
"Don’t preach the experiences of the apostles, experience the preaching of the apostles."
"The purpose of preaching is to persuade God’s people."
"If your sermons are limited to Christ’s D.B.R. (death, burial, resurrection) you are cheating God’s people out of the life-changing knowledge of the unsearchable riches of Christ."
"It is the preaching of the Son that pleases the Father."
"A text without a context becomes a pretext for proof text."
"We break into God's sphere/realm through the Bible, so we had better be very careful what we say!"
"Rash preaching, disgusts; timid preaching leaves poor souls fast asleep; bold preaching is the only preaching owned by God." (Roland Hill)
"Plastic words create elastic truth."  (Jerald Manley)
"To the world our message is--Christ crucified: to the believer, the church, our message is--Christ is risen..."  (Adolph Saphir)
"The preacher should never address a crowd without remembering his ultimate citadel is the citadel of the human will." (copied)
"To scripturally handle the Word of God, you must first be handled by the Word of God."
"The reason some men wax eloquently is to gloss over the truth."
"God's method to gain man's obedience."
"I can't say everything I could, but I must say everything I should."
"I knew a preacher who was so bad that his correspondence school demanded their degree back plus all the postage!"
"Why are the people in the pews blamed for pabulum from the pulpit?"
"Preacher: You are wasting God's time with your stories."
"Perish the thought that a Baptist preacher should have a new thought!"
"I would like it said, 'I heard Jesus from you'."
"Christians don't want to hear about Christ because it is not about them."
"Never stand to preach if you are not prepared."
"Why do preachers preach to people's needs?  Because people are self-absorbed and self-centered."
"Most independent Baptist pastors/evangelists spend 95% of their time trying to make the people in the pews look, think or act like Christians."

"Your illustrations needed a sermon."  (Joe McKeever)

Prophecy  (return to top)
"God has revealed much, but God has not revealed all."
"The book of Revelation shows us the future that we might adjust our present."
"The Jews looked for the kingdom; we look for the Saviour."
"Christians are to be “armed” for occupation, but ready for removal from this present world.

Provision  (return to top)
"The provision is already on the path of obedience."  (Ruben)
"God may or may not have sent the tempest, but He has set its boundaries."

Religion   (return to top)
"Religion: Something you are 'into' for what you can get out of it.  Relationship: Someone you are into for what God can get out of you." 
"Secularism = No shame (Jer. 6:15; 18:12)
Pluralism = No reason (nothing is better than anything else) (Col. 1:18)
Privatization = Private life has no bearing in public arena (leave it at home) (Matt. 5:16)
" (Ravi Zacherus)
"Religion is man reaching up to God.  Salvation is God reaching down to man."
"When there are many false people they need many false religions."
"If men are so wicked with religion what would they be if without it?"  (Benjamin Franklin)

Revival  (return to top)
"Revival is not experiencing all that God has for you, but it is experiencing all that God has for you right now."
"Revival: A return to godly, Biblical consistency"
"We want to be stirred, but we don't want to be changed."  (Tom Hendricks)
"The word 'revival' is not found in the New Testament."  (Robert Spencer)
"True revival contains: 1) God-given salvation, 2) Christ-centered surrender, 3) Holy Spirit led sacrifice."

Salvation  (return to top)
"Becoming a Christian is not a decision which we are qualified to make. We can admit we are sinners, helpless, but we must realize that God is gracious and become willing for Him to deliver us from our sins." (Edward Byrd)
"Religion is man reaching up to God. Salvation is God reaching down to man." (unknown)
"The Old Testament Jews lived on the "continuing" side of the cross. We live on the finished side."
"To 'work' to 'secure' your salvation is to take/retake personal responsibility for your sins."
"It is not a time and a place that saves you, it is a time and a place that reassures you."
"How loving the Father to give His Son;
How gracious the Son to give His life;
But easy tasks these must have been,
Compared to the Holy Spirit who now lives within." 
(Jimmie Willis)
"The key to Heaven was hung on a Nail (Zech. 10:4)."
"When you give God a gift, you are only religious. When you accept the gift of God, you become a Christian." (Robert Brien)
"It will be found at last, that the real cause of men’s rejection of the Truth, is, a rooted aversion to that purity of heart and conduct which it requires." (Fawcett)
"For the many that come to Bethlehem there be few that go on to Calvary." (Henry Martyn)
"You are not inviting Christ into your heart, you are submitting yourself to God as Saviour and Sovereign, and completely trusting in what He stated in His Word."
"Salvation comes when God has brought you to the end of yourself."  (Doug Bookman)
"The ambassador of the King cannot compromise his mission by renegotiating the terms of surrender."  (Jerald Manley)
"In the Old Testament sinners were saved by faith in the Promised One.
In the Gospels sinners were saved by faith in the Present One.
In the Epistles sinners are saved by faith in the Precious One."
"We come to Christ in repentance and dependence."
"It is time to stop trying and time to try trusting."
"How many people have said, 'that I tried Christ and it didn’t work.'  But you don’t 'try Christ,' you trust Christ!
"A sinner needs a sacrifice Who is a Saviour for his salvation."
"Before Jesus Christ comes quickly, you should come quickly to Christ."
"You come to Christ alone and find a family waiting for you."
"You don't have a spark of divinity within you, you have a bonfire of disobedience to God within you."
"Anyone can be saved and everyone will be judged."

Satan  (return to top)
"It is the Devil's mission, to give men anything, in order to keep Christ out." (G. Campbell Morgan)
"Satan either, 1) attempts to take God's Word from us, or 2) attempts to take us from God's Word."
"Satan uses your individual weakness to your individual hurt."
"Christ is the vine of Heaven in Jn. 15:1-8; while Satan is the 'vine of the earth' in Rev. 14:18 & 19."
"Satan may be brilliant according to man's standards, but he is not infallible."
"Your problem is not Satan, it is the face you wash every morning."
"It can't be Satan. He can only be in one place at one time."
"Satan doesn't even know your name!"
"You are living in the throne-room of Satan--this earth!"

Signs  (return to top)
"The God of Heaven never would give a sign that is in conflict with the Word that the God of Heaven gave."  (Jerald Manley)

Sin  (return to top)
"Decency must live in the closet while degeneracy walks the streets!" (Jerald Manley)
"I have Adam's sin; I have my parent's sin; I have my sin; I have a nature to sin; I need a Saviour!"
"Government's right to enter the bedrooms of Sodomites extends from its place as a minister of God." (Rom. 13:4)
"Your condition is what sin has caused, and what God has allowed."
"You are living a life not worth living."
"Conviction of sin is not when you realize it is sin, but when you realize that God realizes it."
"Sin is a reflection that we are not properly related to God. It is the thought/belief that we are at the center of the universe." (Carson)
"When saved I did not leave sin, it left me."
sinner by nature/birth, needing a Saviour by choice."
"The time to say 'no' is while you still have a choice."
"I Will...
1) be where God is by my own efforts.
2) exalt myself above God because of my own efforts.
3) take my rightful place upon the throne through my own efforts.
4) rise to my predetermined position based upon my own efforts.
5) assume the outward manifestations of the Most High as a result of my own effort."
"The issue in every life is 'bad blood'.”
"To be self-exalted is to be divinely destroyed."
"A man can become so accustomed to the thought of his own faults (sins) that he will begin to cherish them as charming little 'personal characteristics'." 
(Helen Rowland)
"When you choose to sin, you choose to suffer." 
"Man does not 'fall into sin'--he wades into sin one step at a time." 

Sodomy  (return to top) 
"I belonged to a "civil union" once, but the dues were too high!"
"Sodomy (homosexuality) destroys mankind's foundation."

"Even animals don't practice sodomy."
"Homosexuality: an abomination to God and an insult to man."

Slogans   (return to top)
"Building together for God"

Soul-winning  (return to top)
"Conversion begins with a conversation."
"What a mystery! The soul and eternity of one man depends upon the voice of another!" (H. Bonar)
"When we
see, we are moved.  When we are moved, we take responsibility.  When we take responsibility, we pray.  When we pray, we go.  When we go, the Lord of the harvest goes with
"Sinners are hell-born, hell-bred, and hell-bent." 
(Ken Orr)
"The reason we are to love our enemies is to win our enemies to Christ."
"Soul winning is telling others about Christ, not telling sinners how to ask Jesus into their hearts."

Spirit Beings  (return to top)
"The redeemed sing, the angels say." (David Jeremiah)

Standards  (return to top)
"Departures from biblical standards are always tangential (‘in the direction of, digressing’) and never parallel (‘precisely corresponding, similar’); the degree of distance, while beginning almost inconsequential, eventually becomes insurmountable. Error entrenched is a foe nearly impossible to rout." (Jerald Manley)

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"We have urgent need to study, for the teacher of others must himself be instructed. Habitually to come into the pulpit unprepared is unpardonable presumption." (Charles Spurgeon)
"Most of our so-called reasoning consists in finding arguments for going on believing as we already do."  (James Harvey)
"Even the richest of the devotional words are a mischief, if they hinder you from taking the Bible as your supreme inspirer in life." (Joseph Cook)
"There are three layers in the scriptures.  As an example:
1. Surface layer: Abraham
2. Deeper layer: Abraham's faith
3. Unsearchable layer: The One Abraham put his faith in (Christ)."
"We have attempted to know God through the lives of men instead of knowing men through the life of Christ."
"All our 'knowledge' is based on the competence of the man who wrote the book." 
(Frank Coggins)

Suffering  (return to top)
"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."  (Barbara Darst)
"When your grief pushes you into the dust, worship there! (Spurgeon)

Teaching  (return to top)
"The law of the teacher is that the teacher must know that which he desires to teach. Obviously, if he doesn’t know it, he’s communicating out of a vacuum. A good teacher never stops studying; he’s a student among his students." (Howard Hendricks)
"It was said of Noah Webster: 'He taught millions to read, but not one to sin'."

Thanksgiving  (return to top)
"The Pilgrims were not Baptists, but all Baptists are pilgrims."

Tombstones (return to top)
"Ole Jim has gone on, his flesh has stopped sinning,
One life style has ended, a better one is beginning."  (Jim Willis)
"The old Devil won't win anymore!"  (Jim Willis)
"Born a slave, died a child of the King."  (from a tombstone in an old Atlanta cemetery)

Theology  (return to top)
"Man's excuse for not being responsible before God."
"A theological lie that cloaks itself in the truth of God's sovereignty."

Trials   (return to top)
"Why does God try us?  So we can see what we are made of."

Trusting God  (return to top)
"Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must first be overcome."  (Samuel Johnson)

"Some things in this life seem permanent and therefore, we believe that they are beyond the ability of God to change."

Truth  (return to top)
"Truth had a beginning with God and an end with man."
"God give me strength to face the truth though it slay me." (adapted from Thomas Huxley)
"Truth = facts that do not change with time and place."
"When an honestly mistaken man comes face to face with the truth, then he must cease being mistaken or stop being honest."  (copied)

Unbelief   (return to top)
"You are living a life not worth living." (copied)
"You are attempting to wash your hands of the blood of Christ."

Wisdom  (return to top)
"Wisdom sees God’s hand at work in different ways in different people." 

"A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. A wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether."
"Don't be fooled by modern day fools!"

"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.  Wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad." 

Worldliness  (return to top)
"I obtained my highest wishes, but was surprised to find that I had grasped a shadow." (Henry Martyn)
"To be loved by the world is to be used by the world, but to be loved by Christ is to experience all the fullness that the heavenly Father has provided for you."
"If you imagine that once you have accomplished your ambitions you will have time to turn to the Way, you will discover that your ambitions never come to an end."   (Yoshida Kenko)
"I want what you have and I want it now!"
"Whatever 'great thing' you possess, God's provision is better."

Youth  (return to top)
"We expect youth to act on what we know they should do, forgetting that they do not know what we do."

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